It is now a 3 years since Kieran passed away.........

 Kieran solo 1


R.I.P 04.06.1955 - 05.10.2020


There are many videos available on YouTube,

including "The Looking Back Concerts"













Dex Smith is selling a selection of Kieran's CDs and Song Books on behalf of Kieran's family
* on Ebay in Germany *
He is reachable for other orders for Germany at  <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>





If the measure of a songwriter is the number of artists singing their songs – then Kieran Halpin must be considered a great modern writer of songs. There can be few writers on the acoustic/folk scene in Europe today who have had more songs covered. Names like Ilse De Lange (All The Answers), Vin Garbutt, Dolores Keane, The Battlefield Band, John Wright, Flossie, Niamh Parsons, Chris Jones and countless more have recorded his songs. In fact his songs can be heard in folk clubs, pubs and festivals all over the world sung by the famous and not so famous. Often the songs are better known than the writer himself! Some have been translated into German, Finnish and Spanish! He has recorded albums in his native Ireland, Scotland, London, Nashville, Oxford and Sydney.

           To date Halpin has released 22 CD’s, and 3 songbooks with 137 published in all 3!! It is a remarkable achievement for any artist to be so prolific and still maintain such high standards.


What the critics say:       “Wonderful stage presence and surprising humour”

                               “Every song has a story and every lyric paints that story clearly”

                                “Halpin is one of the country’s most intelligent writers”

                                “He has a voice that sells the songs and cuts to the heart”

                                “Thought provoking lyrics and memorable melodies”

                             “These songs made me think, laugh and cry – all in one evening”

                            “Great songs, great singing, great guitar playing and great stories”