Kieran uses AER amps and PA systems and pick-ups.

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The amps are the much loved Compact 60 - a small 2 channel which can be used as a small PA system as it has an input for an instrument and vocal mike. The sound is wonderful, very powerful and has huge bass and treble response. It also has a great onboard reverb. Kieran also has the Domino 3 - a 4 channel amp which Kieran uses as his monitor and mixer. This means that what you hear on the stage is what you hear in the audience and he has recorded 2 live albums using this system. The PA speakers are AS 281 - again small and powered and only 100 watts but he has played to audiences of up to 350 and the amps were not even working very hard. Kieran uses the latest pick-up system from AER called the AK 30 - a version of the AK 15 - the only difference is appearance as the 15 has the controls just inside the sound hole - but since Kieran already has holes drilled for the pre-amp on the side of the body of the guitar - this seemed the most logical approach. 



For guitars - Rob Armstrong is the maker of choice - 0044 2476442502


He is based in Coventry in England and is the typical one man in his garden shed - no joke. Kieran's guitars are long scale as in they are 1 fret longer than standard guitars - the extra fret being near the head stock and not the body of the guitar. The oldest was made in 1994 and the second 1999. One is a spruce top and the other cedar. The result of having 2 guitars he loves is that Kieran seldom goes into guitar shops looking for another instrument - thus giving much solace to his family at home! 



Strings are from Elixir


They last longer and keep a bright tone for much longer than conventional strings. Particularly if you are inclined to sweat and like new sounding strings - this is something worth thinking about. Before Elixir it would be new strings every night - now every 5/7 nights - so although more expensive they are cheaper in the long run. 



For Capos Kieran likes the Kyser and G7th


Both are quick changing and solidly made. If there are capos that do not effect the tuning then these are the closest although Kieran believes this system may never exist. 



For Pedals: The box of tricks as Kieran calls it. Kieran will sometimes play with just a tuner in line particularly when using someone else's PA system.

But given the option he will have a small wooden box just in front of the mike stand. This will contain a tuner(Boss or Korg - both good) then a Boss Giga delay - some simple programmed delays for certain songs - and more recently a Colouriser from AER. This is also a DI box but its main function is to enhance the bass and treble response - and this it does to great effect.In the past various effects have come and are now gone - phaser, flanger, chorus but Kieran has decided that a good reverb and a touch of delay achieve the best acoustic results for him.



Any questions re gear used by Kieran can be sent directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he will be happy to answer and help in any way possible.